Throughout developed and developing countries of the world the management of waste materials must form a significant part of an overall environmental protection policy the primary aim of which is the prevention of pollution and public nuisances and the avoidance of wastage of natural resources.

Proper and cost effective collection, processing and disposal of these wastes places a heavy burden on the responsible authorities.

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Key objectives                RPS1.JPG (23775 Byte)

  • Training of the client's personnel in all aspects of waste management
  • The introduction of professionally recognised practices
  • The optimisation of all vehicle-plan-manpower and facilities
  • Increases in efficiency and productivity as a result of phased re-organisation of services
  • Improvement in cost effectiveness of all operating centres
  • Preparation of master plans, policies and long-term strategies
  • The creation of a clean and healthy environment

In addition to providing complete waste management services for the collection, processing and disposal of waste, ICS specialices in the management of individual plants, from the most advanced designs down to simple type of open composting plants.

ICS provide specialists from their own team of expert engineers and economists to analyse all operating aspects of our client plant and, following identification of problems, engage skilled personnel to improve and optimize the plant's operation.