Odor control with UV-technologie

The UV-process is effective for breaking down gaseous pollutants and microorganisms carried in exhaust air flows in various fields as composting plants, slaughter houses etc.

The UV-reactor consists out of UV-moduls, the catalyst and a stainless steel body.

The following basic reactions take place inside the reactor:

  • water (through humidity) under UV influence and in connection with titanium dioxide forms hydroxyl radicals
  • hydroxyl radicals have a great oxidizability and oxidize the majority of odors
  • under UV influence come C-H-components form radicals which react with the oxygen of the air and thus the odor components will be destroyed
Uv1.jpg (63859 Byte)

UV-Catalysator in operation

Uv3.jpg (57200 Byte)

UV-Catalysator as container-system

Advantages of this new odor treatment system:
  • compact stainless steel units, ready for operation
  • constant performance in odor treatment
  • very little space requirements
  • very little maintainance and long lifetime
  • the catalyst is free of maintainance
  • easy operation
  • very little pressure drop in the air stream

This new UV-technologie in the field of odor treatment is very cost effective in invest and operation costs. Please ask us for a quotation.



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