Compost plant Sumter, Florida

Annual Throughput: 18.000 t/a


Wastes treated:

  • Municipal solid waste (MSW), 50 t/day
  • Sewage sludge, 20 t/day wet


Start-up of operation: 1997

SUMTER1.JPG (73480 Byte)

manual sorting of recyclables

SUMTER2.JPG (51352 Byte)

Receiving and treatment building

  • MSW pretreatment: Manual sorting for recyclables as cardboard etc., shredding through a debagger, second manual sorting for rejects like clothes
  • Ferrous separation
  • Eddy current separation (aluminium, copper)
  • three days retention time in one digestor
  • curing in windrows with natural aeration
  • Screening of final product with mobile screen
  • waste air treatment by biofilter



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