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The objectives for waste management and plant engineering can shortly be summarised as follows.
Firstly, the amount of waste must be minimised.
Secondly, the waste shall be re-used for its original purpose.
If this not is possible the waste may be material recovered when making new products or be used as soil improvements.
If re-use or material recovery is not possible, incineration with energy recovery is to prefer to landfill.
Only as a last alternative landfilling shall be used and then in a safety way that makes it possible to take care of the waste that is not possible to treat in another way.

Organic waste

Organic waste is a resource that must be brought back to nature. This is an important element in adjusting our society to the ecocycle.

Our Enginnering know how provides a natural solution to the municipal sludge and solid waste disposal problem today. The organic wastes are converted into high quality compost.. Using organic compost humus and nutrients can be brought back to agriculture and forestry in a controlled way. Top quality compost are extremely valuable soil amendments that improve a broad range of soil properties including: porosity, structural and thermal stability, water retention, and resistance to wind and water erosion.

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Compost plant engineering

Plastic recycling


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